Fully hosted and managed multi-tenant Neo4J-compatible Graph database

Use our Enterprise-grade Neo4J-compatible clustered Graph database hosted in AWS with unlimited nodes and relationships for maximum flexibility and scalability. Self-host and private cloud options are also available.

Define and enforce schema on any node

Optionally create multiple complex JSON schema that are enforced on any or all nodes in the Graph.

Built-in ACLs

Assign users or groups permissions (owns, administrates, edits or views) to any node and have those permissions automatically enforced by the APIs.

Multi-tenant capability

Split your graphs into individual “tenants” so that you have logical data separation within a single database cluster.

Cypher-compatible query language

Use Cypher, the industry-standard way of interacting with Graph databases, to query and update the Graph.

Comprehensive set of APIs to interact with the Graph

We’ve built a set of REST APIs to create nodes, relationships, schema, indices and permissions.


Easily model and interact with your connected data

GraphCloud is purpose-built to handle highly connected data and effectively store data relationships. The data captured can be easily changed and extended for additional attributes and objects.


For intensive data relationship handling, GraphCloud improves performance by several orders of magnitude. With traditional databases, relationship queries will come to a grinding halt as the number and depth of relationships increase. In contrast, GraphCloud performance stays constant even as your data grows year over year.


With GraphCloud, IT and data architect teams move at the speed of business because the structure and schema of a graph model flexes as applications and industries change. Rather than exhaustively modeling a domain ahead of time, data teams can add to the existing graph structure without endangering current functionality.


Developing with GraphCloud aligns perfectly with today’s agile, test-driven development practices, allowing your graph database to evolve in step with the rest of the application and any changing business requirements.

Explore the benefits of Graph easily

No need to install servers or software. Try out a Graph database for your use-case immediately.

Use the tools you’re familiar with

We use industry-standard architecture including REST APIs, Cypher query language, and JSON schema so you can use the tools you love.

Faster to market

We’ve done all of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Powerful schema validation, a user and group permissions model and multi-tenancy save you reinventing the wheel.

Plus all the benefits of the Cloud

All cats herded and fleas removed.